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45% of your choices are unconscious UGh!

It's that time of the month, no not your period. I mean time to check in with decluttering your kitchen to reflect your values.

Now that you have been to the school of health, you are ready to FLOW.

I make no bones about A healthy relationship with food and your body is the foundation of wellness.

A relationship requires communication.

What is your kitchen set up “calling you to do” We make 45% of our choices by habit (Duke university study ).

Your kitchen is reflecting your habits in the placement of your food.

In 1-1 coaching I do through a non judgemental process that respects the intimacy of your home and helps you to streamline your space for healthy habits. Make the most of your 45% subconscious habits. Wouldn't it be great to be 45% of the way to making a great choice before you even think?

Get started today and start the process yourself.

Step 1: What are my values and choices I want to be making? (a kitchen belongs to the family not just you) So the first question is to align the choices you want to make with what you believe is valuable to everyone. Skip this step and find yourself in resistance and having to use willpower YUCK.

Step 2: What do I want to see, in sight in stomach as Ilana Muhlstein once said.

Step 3: Out of sight out of mind. John Maxwell

I deeply believe in a non restrictive and non judgemental approach to food.

That being said, honestly some foods are not a daily part of a healthy plate.

Be honest, what do you want to be an occasional treat?

Jewish Spiritual teaching from the Path of the Just, reminds us that if we don't want to be on a runaway horse to sin, we have to start protecting ourselves before we ever saddle up.

When you organise your kitchen you get to demonstrate Jewish values Double win.

I hope this helps you feel good about kitchen organisation, I have a Special guest ADD coach and personal organiser I gift a session to, when my 1-1 clients struggle with this. So please ask if you need any help in this area, I'm happy to put you in touch.

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