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Stop weekend weight gain and create a nourishing sustainable lifestyle.!
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Stop the frustration, the shame and the guilt without excessive discipline or deprivation. It all can happen one Shabbat at a time.
  • Have you tried  everything and still feel like you spend your life in an endless loop of losing the same weight and leaving the same legacy to your children? 
  • You can stop always thinking about food and feel confident in all situations with food.
  • You can learn to love your reflection and see the best in yourself and your body.
  • You deserve it.

    I can help you stop the madness and take a journey into a better future and blaze a path for a healthier life for  you and your family. In three simple phases, I coach you to stop obsessing about food and live your life freely in your body's natural ideal size . Schedule a 30 minute collaboration call with meand let's see if I'm the right fit to help you.

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