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When I was only 18, a regular blood test that showed that I was suffering from high cholesterol. That was my personal wake up call. I spent time living with my older brother, then a chef in Los Angeles, who got me thinking about my health - not about being pretty or thin or even dieting.


I responded to his enthusiasm and started learning how to cook nutritious meals myself. Two months later, I left for college.  While my friends gained their freshman 15, I lost 30 pounds. More importantly, I kept it off through 10 years of marriage and 4 pregnancies. In fact, I'm in better shape than I was at my wedding. I haven't dieted and or given up any food group. I don't do crazy fasts or workout 12 hours a week.

What I do is live a healthy and balanced life. I am grateful for the tremendous energy and vitality this has given me. I feel empowered to be strong and confident for myself and for my growing family. It drives me to share my passion for holistic wellness.

I received my training from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, where I studied numerous dietary theories and practical lifestyle coaching methods. Drawing on this knowledge, I love helping people create completely personalized “roadmaps to health”. Tailor made for individual bodies, lifestyles, preferences, and goals. In last few years, I transformed my body using the best  online fitness platform that finally met me where I was at and brought me to the best shape of my life. I started becoming a fintess mentor for users in 2016.


In conjunction with my B.A. in psychology and certification as a personal trainer and coach, I work holistically with clients to make lifestyle changes that produce real and long lasting results.


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I believe...

... What we consume and how we choose to live our lives affects our hormones and brain chemistry; our relationships and emotions.


... Everyone enjoys a good treat! Why not make those treats nutritious as well as delicious? Don't deprive yourself.


... Everyone needs a bio-individualized program for optimal wellness. Our lifestyles, bodies and goals are all so very different!

... Holistic wellness is about looking at the big picture, embracing it, and creating our own individual perfect balance.


... Kids (and adults!!) who eat well can enjoy nutritious sweets too. When kids grow up with a full cookie jar, they don’t need to hide food or binge at friends.