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I’m Lily Aronin.

I’m a Holistic Integrative Nutritionist, a Certified Weight Loss Specialist, and a Healthy chef.

I live in beautiful Israel with my husband and our five football-loving red-headed kids.  

I’ve got so much to manage, and I love food, Jewish culture, and making time for my relationships without losing myself in the process, and I know you do too.

That’s why I created the tools to enjoy life without weight gain, love your reflection and never be deprived or excessively disciplined.

The 3 step process makes healthy habits clear, builds confidence, and creates abundance with gratitude.

The courses and coaching options are quick and effective; you will enjoy them in the comfort of your home, whenever you want! My programs build on each other to suit all levels (yes, even if you are far from your happy weight).

And absolutely no willpower is needed!

I got into holistic health many years ago after my first pregnancy left me at a loss for how to navigate the messy real-life chaos of Jewish motherhood and food. I suffered from emotional eating, chronic baby to pregnancy dieting, and severe body confidence issues.

 I’m not a vegan or health fanatic. I’m a regular person just like you!

There is joy in healthy relationships with food, weight, and Jewish culture! I have found freedom in mindful eating, delving into my real needs, and making Shabbat about more than great challah. I cherish my daily healthy routines, especially over Shabbat, and I can’t wait to share them with you!

Check out THESE testimonials and hear firsthand from the women who have done the work with these tools. 

Join us! 

Love you more,




 Head shot and portraiture photo by Zelda Photography, Styled By Devora Golan Make up by Leely.


Copyright 2022: Photographs, illustrations, and graphic designs are Lily Aronin originals unless otherwise indicated. 

I believe...

... What we consume and how we choose to live our lives affects our hormones and brain chemistry; our relationships and emotions.


... Everyone enjoys a good treat! Why not make those treats nutritious as well as delicious? Don't deprive yourself.


... Everyone needs a bio-individualized program for optimal wellness. Our lifestyles, bodies and goals are all so very different!

... Holistic wellness is about looking at the big picture, embracing it, and creating our own individual perfect balance.


... Kids (and adults!!) who eat well can enjoy nutritious sweets too. When kids grow up with a full cookie jar, they don’t need to hide food or binge at friends. 


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