Best Cookie Dough Pie


Recipe adapted from

2 Cans of Drained and Rinsed Hummus or White Beans
1 Cup Quick Cook Oats
1/4 Cup Unsweetened applesauce
3 T Canola Oil
2 Tsp Vanilla extract
1/2 t Baking Soda
2 t Baking Powder
1/2 t salt
1 Cup Raw Sugar
2 T Silan
1 Cup semi-sweet chocolate chips

Blend everything (except the chocolate chips) in the food processor only.

Blend until very well mixed. Pour into a line 10 inch spring form pan and bake at 350 F 185 C for 35-40 minutes. to should still look soft in the middle.

Do not over cook. I will admit my first batch was a bit under cooked but I got the hang of it pretty quick, and returned it to the oven for the full 35 minutes.

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