Carrot Cake Energy Bites



These bites are the perfect sweet pick me up for summer and make a mini meal that will keep you satisfied on the run. (Perfect for kids with a lack of appetite form ADD meds)



2 Large Carrots grated

3 Cups Quick Cook Oats

1 Cup ground flax seed

1/4 Cup unsweetened Silan (Pure maple syrup)

1/3 Cup almond butter

1/3 Cup softened raisins

1/4 Cup chopped walnuts



Mix wet Ingredients first

Then add dry Ingredients

Roll and ball.


Tip: Wet fingers in between rolling to avoid a mess.


Freeze on a baking sheet then transfer to a container. Store in the freezer for up to 6 months. Then grab and go as you like.


Nutrition Facts

Serving Size 34 g, Calories 124, Total Fat 5.9g, Total Carbohydrates 14.2g, Dietary Fiber 3.2g, Sugars 3.1g, Protein 4.2g