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This recipe is so easy my kids actually made the challah pictured here alone except for help with the oven. They are ages 9 and 6.


Makes 3-4 challahs



1 kilo 85% whole wheat flour

1 bag natural yeast, (from the refrigerator)

2 eggs1 1.2 C warm water

1/2 C honey/silan (whatever I have around)

1/2 cup olive oil/ canola oil

1 tsp salt



1. Proof the yeast for 10 minutes with the water

2. Then add the eggs, oil and honey.

3. Add half the flour then salt, and then the end of the flour.

4. Knead until it is elastic (2 minutes)rise min 1 hr. max 2.5 hrs.

5. Then egg, sesame seeds and bake. 

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