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Perfect Whole Turkey


Think making the perfect turkey everytme is complicated? not anymore



1 whole turkey 5 lbs +

1 bottle white wine

1 bag dried mushrooms

fresh thyme/ rosemary

1/4 Cup olive oil

salt pepper paprika


Preparation (preheat oven)

1. soak the mushrooms in boiling water 2 cups 10 minutes

2. Add in a alrge bowl the mushroom liquid strained, half the bottle of white wine and olive oil.

3. Place the turkey on the bed of herbs and dried rehydrated mushrooms, already stuffed and dressed.

4. Rub intot he skin salt/pepper and sweet paprkia.

5. Bake at a preheated oven 375 or 190 C basting with the wine mixture very 30 minutes. Until a meat thermometer reads 80 C. Remove and tent with tinfoil for minimum 30 minutes. Don't forget to check the temp of the stuffing.

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