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Are you in the house bored this Chanukah?

I’m staying home this Chanukah!!!! Aren’t you excited too 😜

Every time a holiday comes around this year I first sigh in disappointment. My expectations are not going to be met this year.

No big get togethers with friends and family, no fun events or games or shows to attend.

Then I get 🧐 thoughtful. Are those the point of a holiday to shine light and love and celebrate the miracle that we are still here! You are still here , no matter what you’ve been through this YEAR. I’m still here ! No matter what circumstances and challenges that I have faced. We as a people and nation are still here.

And every day we breathe, we can create more light!

So the mitzva of lighting candles has to happen at home. Your supposed to radiate that light from within. It burns within you. Then you grow it within your family. You can then gather as a community to light a spark in another group until our whole world is on🔥. The fire and light of miracles. The light of defying our expectations of what is possible.

The few defeated the many on Chanukah. The small defeated the mighty. The oil that was enough for one day, lasted eight days.

Today’s gratitude practice is to repeat the phrase. I choose light. I see the light in me. I see the light in You. The light means innocence. That each person is doing the best they can today, even you. Repeat today. Repeat often. Set an alarm in your phone. Mine is set for 3:15 pm. Start a fire 🔥 and let’s see where it burns.

40 day gratitude challenge day 10 ✅

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