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Are you worthy of enjoying your life as it happens?

Normally when a client graduates I fear for my income. I worry, will I have enough, be enough, how can I fill my time and be of value if I’m not paid for that hour.

One of the greatest gifts of this buisness is enjoying the quiet moments. It’s still damn hard for me. But I am proud of the three clients I graduated this week and instead of filling that time with endless workshops and marketing opportunities, I’m scheduled for an hour of reading in bed after a hot shower and A hike with some of my kids.

It’s takes the same self discipline You can use to define your body or lose to weight to also carve out time to appreciate the gifts we receive along the way. Not being paid just by the hour, but offering value beyond the minutes of time but by the value of my wisdom is a new belief for me. It’s one I’d love to share with you.

I’m still in a pitch battle with my inner sense of worthy while resting. It’s why I loved being pregnant. But this morning I won this battle, I’m pregnant with new ideas and inspiration for us when we face inner demons so we all move a little more toward the light.

Last night we had a mind blowing call about what holds up back from achieving our committed goals.

I shared it’s my constant struggle with being of service. Being only worthy of literally taking up space in the world if I’m contributing to it positively. That burden sometimes mean I choose an emotional food buffer, so I don’t have to slow my roll and deal with feelings as they come up. So here I am today trying to do just that. Time To crack open that romance novel for an hour of indulgence knowing I’m worthy of enjoying downtime as well. Full honesty. I washed the dishes first. 😉😐😳😘

Tell me your story. It means so much to hear if you struggle with feeling worthy or trade your health goal for another goal or belief so often it stops the progress you are determined to make. reply to this post or email me

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Naomi Charney
Naomi Charney
Jul 13, 2020

You are here for a reason, you certainly are!the world would be missing without you by far😘 thank you for sharing!

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