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Can Food that is good for you , be crave-able too?

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Isn’t it crazy how we crave foods? Why do we Crave certain foods? Is it possible to attract and create cravings we want to have?

Food cravings arise from three fun categories. The more we understand these categories the more we can control our cravings and even inspire cravings for things we want to desire.

The first category of craving is Nutritional. You are deficient in iron, crave meat. You are on a boat lost at sea and crave citrus to avoid scurvy. These are the least common cravings. That chocolate craving is not your body needing magnesium, sorry.

What does cause Sweet cravings? The nutritional response is water or dehydration. But what else could cause a chocolate craving? Category 2, environmental cravings. You see something often enough, you’ll eat it. What is in your social media feed? Commercials on Television? Ads on blogs? On your countertop ? Written in a book your reading that the main character enjoys? The power of persuasion is powerful indeed when it comes to food. This is because food always delivers a chemical reward. The relief we feel is real when we finally eat the ice cream, grab the chip, eat the chocolate.

But if the need is manufactured, can we use the same methods to eat more of the food we want? Yes! When your feed is filled with salad ideas, your online profile full of local organic stores, your ads for cool fitness gear and equipment, then it is undoubtedly easier to be successfu.

Someone once said it is easier for good friendly people to build a Buisness. Why? Because they already know how to attract customers and build relationships. All they need is a little structure and they can succeed on a large scale. People into health have an easier time staying healthy. People into working out always find the next exciting program. People into baking always find that next trend in baking. Ask yourself what am I seeing all around me everyday that is making it so convenient to stay where I am and not get to my goal?

Now ask yourself what can I do about it? How can I cultivate the hobby, the lifestyle of being healthier? The mindset of caring about how I live with love in this one body I get.

My best tips?

follow @ilanamulhstein in instagram

follow @lilyaronin on instagram

follow @brenebrown on Instagram

Join a community of like minded people who have the habit you want. You can join our Jewish women only community by creating a free membership account. Just send me an email and Ill set you up

Set up a fun recipe swap night and share recipes and fun for healthy dishes with friends you already have.

Let me know what you think and stay tuned for the last category of Craving creators next Time.

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