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Compassion and Comparison

Is your Shabbat table set, Yet!

photo credit to the amazing @chefzissie check out her Instagram

And other crazy questions we ask ourselves on a Friday morning...

Why is it a badge of honor to have your table set early? Is it like not using a plastic cover for the table style of oneupmanship or is there a reason this becomes a marker on the road to a peaceful home ? How can we be grateful for Shabbat if we are constantly measuring ourselves by the experience of others?

There is one RULE to this gratitude practice. It is your journey. You set an intention. You activate that intention with attention, you reap the results and keep exploiting what works.

Your intention is I love the peaceful and restorative feeling I get on Shabbat.

You attention to activate that intention is to see what makes you feel peaceful and radiate peace like the SUN in your home. If that is having your table set in advance... exploit exploit, exploit!!! Make it a ritual and stick to it.

If it causes strain, stress and drains your energy to have that expectation, DELETE, DELETE, DELETE.

So today’s gratitude practice is celebrate without holding back. Your crazy is the only one that matters if it creates the life you want.

Today look for three Shabbat traditions or habits that create peace and restoration for you. Be GRATEFUL for them. Write it out to activate them. Share them with me so we can be inspired by each other... but remember TRY without judgement then Exploit that winning formula or DELETE without shame, because gorgeous it’s YOUR Table and you can set it however you want.

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