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Day 2 40 days of Gratitude

40 days of gratitude challenge

Day 2

Today I want to share a really personal source of joy that I have found in gratitude.

This is a part of healing my relationship with food and I know you will find this technique transformative.

I promised that for 40 days I will give you small opportunities to change the way to experience life. This is one you don’t want to skip.

Remember the purpose is to be grateful on your terms each day. So if one lesson does not speak to you, repeat another or make up your own. Our yoga videos or Nishmat are not your thing? Ok! No excuses. Do something else.

Mindful eating is today’s gratitude practice. Set a timer for 5 minutes. Choose any meal.

This is actually a complete gratitude practice and increases body awareness all in one!

Start your 5 minutes by

  1. Appreciating your plate. What colors are on it? What textures? What a miracle that these foods exist. How blessed are you that you truly have an abundance of food to eat.

  2. Choose each bite and put your fork down in between. Focus on the miracle of our ability to bring the fork to our mouth without seeing it. Chewing and the ability to transform food into energy.

  3. Taste. Really taste the flavors. Feel the textures. Note what you like, what does the sensation in your body of physical enjoyment feel like. Is it tingling? Is it warmth ?

  4. Between bites, take a breathe appreciate the room for air. We want to be full but not so full that we cannot breathe. What a miracle that their is space for all of our internal organs.

This may feel like a long 5 minutes. If you are not used to being mindful you will be shocked at all of the new sensations you will experience.

Very few of us myself included can sustain mindful eating for long. But this medication course on the app 10% happier is highly recommended. If you enjoy today’s practice try this 30 day free trial.

Please share your experience with Today’s practice with me. I’ll see you again tomorrow.

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