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Feeling Defensive about your choices?

How the heck do you drink so much water????

Isn’t it annoying to go to bathroom so often???

But don’t you eat real food, you know, not vegetables???

Among other questions I hear.

Thank you for your questions. The best part of someone questioning you about what you’re doing, is that it gives you a chance to reflect on why you love your routines. Or if they are just a habit you picked up.


Drinking 5-6 liters of water a day changed my approach to feeling stress in my body. Helped me break with emotional eating habits and live in a body I love seeing reflected to me everyday.

1. I start drinking first thing in the morning . 16 oz when I wake up after I brush my teeth. It’s the best thing to wake up my body. I drink after and during my workout with a flavored performance enhancer. So it’s a fun and delicious start to my day. I’m easily at 2L by breakfast.

  1. The bathroom. During corona it is an excellent chance to wash my hands. It increased my productivity at work and at home by building in short breaks. I fill up on water or go to the bathroom as a natural reset for myself and catch time wasters like internet or social media surfing. It’s also quick and easy reminder to be grateful that my body works perfectly and lets go of fat, tension, toxins and anything else that does not serve me.

  1. Vegetables. The worst mistake that was based on the best intentions is when people decided vegetables are free food. So they must not be real food. I’m veggies most at every meal. It’s not boring, it’s not deprivation. It is the healthiest way to fuel a body, nourish my gut, protect my natural immunity and maintain a healthy weight without portion control or excessive rules.

Thank you for asking. I bet you have routine people question. When you wake up, how you Exercise, what you read or watch. I know how easy it is to get defensive. Don’t! It’s an opportunity to build gratitude for why you do what you do. Or to release it and choose again.

Gratitude challenge day 21/40 ✅

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