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Future tripping

Future tripping much?

When we think what we want our life to be like at our GOAL weight, Or what our sense of self will be like in our GOAL relationship or what our life will be like in our GOAL income, we 🤔 are fantasizing about our future happiness. We are not picturing our daily efforts to maintain that level of satisfaction.

As more of my goals came to be, I realized an escapable truth. The daily effort that I willing to do forever to sustain that goal in my life, is what matters. Is my effort sustainable???

I want this goal body, Do I want exercise, water and veggies to be a permanent fixture?

I want this loving marriage? Am I willing to let go of unproductive stories for the rest of my life and keep learning to listen and communicate better.

I want this goal income? I want to keep increasing the value I am creating and giving forever.

Maintenance is life. Weight loss, marriage, building a Buisness is the path.

Diet? Infatuation? Get rich quick?

Temporary distractions that never last.

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