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Got the snack attack?

You caught me...

I love an afternoon snack.

Even if I am not hungry... I look for something at 4:00 pm.

During this crazy weight loss journey I would make a superfood smoothie and take my kids out of the house to avoid getting stuck in the pantry. I would try different iced teas or yoga to avoid starting to eat, I was afraid that I would not stop. What I could not figure out was why?

I have over eaten many things at that dreaded 4 pm. Wasa crackers, peanut butter and rice cakes, popcorn, cookies, tea biscuits, apples and almond butter, my kids leftover snacks. Interestingly, getting out of the house was always the best solution. I had to ask why? What was 4 o clock trying to teach me?

It was clear!!! At 4:00 it is when 1/3 of me wants to have quality time with my kids. 1/3 of me wants clean my house and 1/3 of me is tired and says, I’m just done! That conflict equaled throw up my hands and eat. By getting out of the house, I’d stop the conflict. I’d be with my kids and my house would stay cleaner. Then I added my superfood smoothie to that and I also got reenergized and treated.

Now, in winter I still hit that 4 o’clock munch. But by learning what I need at 4 pm, I can stay out of the cupboard. I spend 15 minutes straightening up and then I play games or carpool the kids to friends. I make a huge tea or hot chocolate and read a book for 15 minutes because I’m obsessed with my superfood mug coffee cake.

Today be grateful for those munchies... but before you eat those feelings away. Ask them, 👋 got a message for me?

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