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I hate my body

Last week in a session, an incredible woman who spent her life helping other people feel beautiful in her designs related something to me. I hate my body. I used to be in such good shape, and when I tried to work out, I felt defeated. My body let me down.

As I went deeper into the session, it was clear that time to workout, which workout, the difficulty level, or accountability weren't the problem as to why she wasn't fulfilling her stated desire. "I want to work out five days a week." It was this thought. I hate my body. A workout is spending quality time with your body. Do you want to spend time with someone you hate?

This woman was courageous when I challenged her to write a letter to her body. Being honest with the her body about how she felt about its behavior and her behavior towards her body, she took up the challenge and ran with it. What came out was the most moving email I have ever received from a client.

Just one line from her letter moved me to tears. "You answered me in your quiet, faithful way. You are still here. And you are staying for me. The strength I built up? It's still there. My muscle memory works- even if my brain tries to trick me.

I forgive you. I do. If I want you to work best for me, I need to nourish you and return the favor. I owe you. I owe you a lot more love than I have let myself feel for you. And definitely, a lot more thanks. "

You can be brave and embrace a journey to perfect health and your ideal weight.

Take up the challenge and write a quick note to your body every day, asking for the support you need to use it to live your best life and what you will give it in return.

Our body cannot differentiate between the chemical and hormonal signals from food, stress, activity, thought, and feelings. All nutrition, thoughts, and feelings matter as much as vegetables and environmental toxins. Fuel your body with love physically and thoughtfully today. Then send me an email and tell me if this challenge moved you and helped you make a positive change. or find me on Instagram @lilyaronin.

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