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If you believe you can you're right and if you believe you can't you're right too.

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

Its Monday and we all could use a bit of motivation let's be honest. But there is one thing that is more powerful than motivation it is habit.

I've been working on my habits for years and I STILL AM. I'm not perfect so don't confuse progress in the habits I am consistent with, with perfection in the many I'm still working on.

The coolest thing is though, that as you build the belief that these habits are not inbred but learned and you start to master them one at a time, it helps me at least to let go of that huge fear of failure and unworthiness that is a big hump for me to try new things.

Think anything with the word challenge. I like to win too much to try things I think I might lose at. Until.... I started to change what I believed.

Here are few of the books or audiobooks that have had a huge impact on my ability to stop expecting perfection. Stop being the hardest Critic of myself on things I haven't even tried yet. Stop the fake all or nothing attitude.

1. The Compound Effect @darrenhardy

2. The power of Habit @charlesduhigg

3. High Performance habits @brendonbruchard

4. Daring Greatly @brenebrown

Have you read any of these? Or have a great book on habits I should check out ? let me know!

In my stories on instagram today I'm going to share a few habits I put off starting because I was afraid of failing and how I got over myself and few I'm still working on talking myself into trying.

Head over there and leave me DM but share this log post first!!

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