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How to manifest lasting weight loss

You have been on my mind. I can't stop thinking about you this summer. How will you be impacted by the big changes in the world, your family's demanding needs, and the overwhelming summer and back to school? I racked my brain for what I would need, and spoke to many of you to hear about your needs. It all came down to support, accountability to take action, and self-compassion to stop the constant self-criticism. In other words, You can get honest about where you are, understand what it takes to move forward, and celebrate each imperfect action along your journey with guidance and emotional support. From your desires, F.L.O.W was born. In this 4-day training, I will show you how to start clearing your health blocks, get comfortable with a new level of abundance, and accelerate your path to lasting health at a healthy weight. So whether you want to end the cycle of emotional- eating, self-body criticism, lack of time, or accepting poor health, this free training is for you. In just 4 days, F.L.O.W., this is what you'll learn:

  • Day 1. Find your path and see a vision of what you need to feel calm and energized so you can love more and have greater abundance in your family and your life.

  • Day 2. Love your body. Release the limiting beliefs you need to change to ask for and RECEIVE more consistent physical and mental care.

  • Day 3. Open to Possibility. Think about your time so you can create the most health and vitality in the long term.

  • Day 4. Weight Loss. We are creating the consciousness to eat, prepare, and think about food from ABUNDANCE.

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