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Is your food mmmm... good

Mmmm... yummmm... that was sooo good.

I want you to be grateful for every meal.

What does it take to create a gratitude practice around food?

  1. Be honest. Thinking of starving children a world away is not going to do it. Be grateful for your personal abundance. Maybe you used to do restrictive diets and now you appreciate feeling free around food. Or you had an allergy or sensitivity and this food feels good to you.

  2. Be creative. No one is grateful for bland and boring. The more colors, textures, temperatures and flavors in your food the more grateful to have it you are.

  3. Remember someone else made it for you. If you eat #veggiesmost you eat plant based. That means GD himself made your food. Designed it chemically to digest and cleanse your body and protect you from disease . Engineered it to nourish you and give you lasting energy. That is definitely appreciated. Think about people engineered foods,🤔 GMO vegetables designed to handle huge amounts of chemicals or Oreos designed to addict us and have no nutritional value.

  4. We are grateful for things we value. Check in with your values around health, food, family, convenience and indulgence. Make sure your food feels like something personal to you.

40 days of gratitude challenge day 9 ✅

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