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Is your happiness more dependent on your life or your husband’s?

Last night we swapped hysterical birth stories with friends. And I thought...

Do you light your own candles?

What??? Well in so many stories, the wife turns to the husband and says... it’s time to go to the hospital and the story ensues. Each more hysterical then the next. It made me think, how we get so connected and invested in our spouses and our families that we can lose our own inner empowerment to do for ourselves.

We love sharing the joys and responsibilities for life with our spouses. But Where do we stop and they start? When is their happiness or dissatisfaction on any day, more powerful to our state of being, than our own circumstances.

Gratitude is 😜 it effects us so differently. Today be grateful for your family but light your own candles. Remember that their gratitude is their Buisness. We can lead by example, but we can’t enforce or expect others to follow.

The real light of gratitude is there for us all to follow when we choose to see it. We can’t get burned out by the difficulties in the lives of those we love. We need to be there for them with out being dragged down by them.

Gratitude can help empower you to walk that line and get up again when you stumble over it.

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