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Lose your edge?

Even wonder if you’re losing your edge when you reach a new level of success?

Real life is making what you already have shine, while you reach for something better.

Sometimes we think if I’m grateful, then will I lose my edge? Will My need to push the boundaries or my drive to improve disappear ?

Complacency is the belief that you are comfortable and set. It’s a gratitude for the past and present only.

True gratitude is for the past and present as a platform to reach for the future that will be even better. I’m grateful for the tools, experiences and circumstances that prepared me to succeed in the future.

Ask yourself today, how can I build confidence in my future with my practice, instead of focusing on the past?

Questions like, how am I giving more generously because I have so much?

How am I loving more compassionately since I feel so resilient and resourceful?

I’d love to hear some of the ideas you come up with!!

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