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Meditation for Anxious Times

Updated: Jan 24, 2021

Daily Meditation has been life changing for me and my family. Within weeks everyone around me started to notice a different energy I was giving off. It affected my peace in my marriage, my relationship with my teens and my younger children.

It is often a daily struggle to find ease, relaxation, happiness in these trying times that are nothing like I expected 2020 to be. But if there is a gift waiting for us in 2021 it is the gift of getting to know ourselves better, our hurts and our joys. I know my vulnerabilities now in greater clarity but I also know I can thrive with them and hold them with compassion.

I'd like to gift you Two meditations from people I love. These meditations I use very often, Meditation is often not in a pristine quiet space, it needs to happen in a dark moment, a hectic moment and there will always be background noise. So use both of these or try either of their 21 day challenges, let me know what you think and please connect with me and share your experiences with meditation.

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