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Morning ritual for putting yourself at the center in your life.

Are you the super momma?

Warrior mom? Martyr ema?

I had to stop wearing my exhaustion as a badge of honor. They was no other way to change my life. But how do you do that?

It is about more than changing a mindset, it is about daily actions which welcome support from above and closer to home. Since I had no example in my life to guide me, I used the power of affirmation to paint a picture of the kind of feelings and actions I wanted everyday.

Here is my daily morning affirmation. Adapted from @gabbybernstein book super attractor.

It is on a handwritten piece of paper in my Siddur to say everyday.

My body is rested and my mind is clear. I start this day with positive thoughts and energy. I am relaxed non resistant and clear. My day unfolds with ease and grace. People support my desires today. Gd leads the universe to support my desires today. I am open to receiving greatness. I am energized and inspired. Creative possibilities are available to me, nothing holds me back. I take action with faith and clarity. I am healthy, well and vibrant. Today is a great day! I am having fun today! I bring joy to others, I bring light with me wherever I go. I am a positive influence on the world. All is well.

This one exercise builds a power subconscious that supports me all day long. I look and see people fitting into this story vs a story of aloneness.

Let me know if you try this Powerful morning exercise!

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