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Nature is Nurture for the spirit

Have you seen our Corona garden?

It was made from sweat and things we found abandoned. We added dirt and love, some flowers and kitchen scraps. It bloomed beautifully and then the season passed.

Now many of the spots are empty. Weeds are sprouting and you might think 🤔 I need to start again from scratch????

Are we starting from

Scratch? As 2020 closes you might feel like you are starting from scratch. Or worse, used up dirt with nothing left to give.

The power of a gratitude practice is when we see nature, we appreciate the temporary nature of our challenges and remember everything has its season, but you are never starting from scratch.

The work we did on the garden is not wasted, because it needs tending. The work on yourself isn’t gone because you had a set back. The foundation is the most important achievement we created for our garden. So come spring it is ready to refresh and bloom more beautiful than before. Today can be that tending for you and your mindset as well. We don’t need to wait for a new season to BLOOM!

Today’s gratitude practice is get in nature. A 5 minute walk outside. A cup of tea on a garden patio. A trek on a mountain. Remember that everything cycles. I’d love to go with you on your adventure so tag me in a picture of where you go to get in touch with nature.

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Day 4 gratitude challenge ✅

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Maya Wardle
Maya Wardle
Sep 08, 2021

Very thoughtful blog


Lily Aronin
Lily Aronin
Dec 04, 2020

I’m so glad


This really speaks to me. The thought of never starting from scratch is very powerful. And who doesn't love being outside in the fresh air?

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