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Tasty Tuesday Never Skip a Meal easy eggs

Did you know that the more raw vegetables that you add to your meals, the more full and satisfied you will feel ? In fact, it is often when we think, I'm not that hungry and skimp on the veggies that we overeat and take in more than we can use.

For example a 2 T of chocolate chips has the same amount of calories as this salad. 1/4 cup of almonds with that (its 14 almonds)?

Instead add in 1/8 avocado, lemon juice, and a tsp of olive oil to this salad.

Now do you really want to skip that meal?

Easiest Perfect soft boiled eggs

1 pot boiling water

1 large bowl of ice water (do not skip this step)

Place the eggs carefully into the boiling water with a 6 minute timer, then quickly transfer into the ice bath.

Perfect runny soft boiled eggs, or for a slightly firmer yolk try 9 minutes.

This easy meal prep can be done while washing the dishes and set you up to commit to #neverskipameal

Make this Salad even easier to prepare..

  1. Bagged lettuce

  2. Cherry tomatoes

  3. Buy shredded carrot

  4. Mason jar this salad in advance

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