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Pick the perfect workout to get started

80lbs overweight I was googling everything to find the perfect workout to get started.

What is the best workout to lose weight?

What is the best workout for a mom to lose weight?

What time of day is best to work out to lose weight?

Then rather than try something, I’d think well I need more information.

Hello Google.

How to work out at home with a baby?

Which workout is best for weight loss?

80 lbs later I cringe and laugh and know it is completely human.

Let me help you avoid the mistakes I made choosing a program.

TOP 5 Mistakes I made choosing my first program.

  1. Googling routines instead of looking for who would be of most value in helping me achieve my main goal. Sustainable health at a weight that felt good.

  2. Waiting for it to be perfect. Instead of looking inside to what I was willing to actually say yes to.

  3. Focus on short-term results. Yes, I like a quick win but quick fixes on youtube got me nowhere long term. Instead, I needed a short beginner goal that would lead to sustainability and growing with my system that I could stick with.

  4. Do it alone. I was ashamed and wanted to hide my journey, instead, I needed accountability and community to see beyond my embarrassment at the achievement of doing something hard in the face of inner name-calling.

  5. Take weekends off. I wanted lots of rest days and days off. Instead, I needed to focus on daily habits including Shabbat to have a lifestyle that would keep the weight off and my body looking good.

So what did I do? I finally made the next right choice. I dusted off my inner WHY.

  • I cannot tolerate the pain of hating my reflection.

  • I will not feel trapped in a body that is not me.

  • I will not have this baby album be empty of my pictures because I refuse to be photographed.

  • I will be ready for summer without feeling sweaty and ugly. (it was Passover at the time)

I know Harsh. But that WHY evolved as I completed workout after workout. Today it is.

  1. Inspire my kids to live healthy lives.

  2. Leaving a legacy of self-care is a need for my children and Jewish women everywhere.

  3. NEVER be trapped in my own body again.

What can you do to get started?

  1. Schedule a call to get my help finding the right program for you.

  • One that is manageable in time and money

  • One that is honest about results

  • One that supports a quick win and a long-term plan.

  • One that includes Shabbat and Holidays

  • One that focuses on nutrition and fitness.

  1. Try these free sample workouts you don’t even have to give your email or credit card to try them.

  2. Tell me what you Like and Hate! I have more on multiple platforms and YOUR needs are most important. Reach out on Instagram

Hi I am Lily Aronin

@lilyaronin or via email

  1. Watch the perfect Shabbat workout

Thank you so much for listening to my story and I can’t wait to guide you as you write the next chapter in yours.

Love you more,


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