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Selfie what... 5 reasons to love your body.


When I was doing zumba at the gym or even my first 21 day fix workouts, I worked out because I didn’t like the way I looked, not necessarily because of the health benefits of being active and fit. This isn’t an overly terrible reason to go to the gym or use beachbody because honestly, once you’re working out you’re reaping the benefits. But, over the last couple of years I’ve learned that working out is much more enjoyable if you love your body instead of hate it.



When I worked out because I hated my body, I didn’t respect it as much as I do now. I would train hard but sloppily and not modify so I was almost always injured. I would skimp on calories after workouts in an attempt to lose weight and end up doing way more harm than good. Now I’m careful to train hard but smart and listen to my body’s cues and I’ve got a lot less pain from injuries these days. Instead I actually do more mobility and stretching. Try the Work's range and Repair or mm100 revibe.


Back in my entire life up till now, I was never actually satisfied with the way I looked no matter how many goals I accomplished. If I set out to tone up my arms, once I achieved that, I found extra weight in my gut or my thighs or wherever and it was never ending. What I learned from that experience is that if you don’t love your body before you start working out, you’re not going to miraculously get a positive self image and nothing you do will ever be enough. Exercise is extra credit in 2b mindset means you love your body and nourish your body no matter what! Then if you love your body, every goal you meet will be a reason to celebrate, and not a subpar stopgap to something unattainable.

3. You’ll enjoy workouts more

Once I started spending less time hating every little thing about my body, I started breathing easier. I wasn’t as bogged down by all the negativity. I heard what trainers really said about determination, perseverance and ability. didn’t view every morning workout session as a chore that would magically end with my dream bod. Working out became more about keeping my body running right and really seeing the strength , flexibility and physical results in my day to day life than looking exactly right. It was freeing to look for mile a stronger version of me instead of someone fantasized about being and I loved it (still do!).

4. You’ll notice what your body can DO

Like I mentioned above, working out used to be all about making my body look a certain way. But once I came to terms with loving my body the way it is, I started noticing the awesome things I can do. I could run without stopping every 5 seconds, I could lift heavier weights on my squat, I could do touch my toes, lunges and barre. So many things that used to be impossible for me to do, I now did without a second thought. And that is amazing.

5. You’ll enjoy LIFE more

This one isn’t specific to working out, but I couldn’t NOT mention it. I used to make these ridiculous promises to myself: like I wouldn’t do ‘x’ until I had lost weight or until all my extra stomach flab was gone. By the end of it all, the only things I could do was stay inside and be miserable. Aesthetic goals like that were unrealistic at the time because I focused on the results and not the daily habits and actions that create them over time, and I was making them for all the wrong reasons. Ditching those expectations and trading them for appreciations, that I get to do this and live this way and feel this good gave me back the freedom to just live my life and enjoy it. Yes abs came with consistency but the journey is more enjoyable than the result, And I don’t regret it at all.

What about you?

What motivates you to workout? Why do you love your body?

Show us a move you can do or a weight you can lift!

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