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Treats that feel like a treat.

Chocolate it’s become something like a fantasy for people. Oohhhh chocolate. I can’t resist chocolate. I’m craving chocolate.

The more we put any food on a pedestal the lower we stand. If any food is beyond us, is off limits, or is uncontrollable we feel like less.

Is it ok to have foods we can’t control ourselves around?

Is it ok to remove them from our lives to achieve a healthy result for our body and mind?

I have created a 3 step process to handle foods I feel a lack of control around.

1. Remove the foods. Remember my life is full, happy, healthy, fulfilling without this food. I’m not deprived with one single food because food is not where I find happiness it just enhances my happiness and health.

2. Bring it back in controlled single serving situations. Exercise the value of enjoying my health, my feeling good too much to want to overdo on these foods.

3. Surrender. Life is out of my control at times. Events, parties, choices of others around me, i can’t sterilize the world. But I can choose to feel good. I can choose to focus on the things that make me more deeply happy and take it one bite at time. If I overdo once or twice, it’s ok. I’ll learn and keep improving my self awareness as too why this time I choose to feel good from the treat rather than from my body and health.

Don’t skip the steps. Don’t expect three to work without building that trust first.

Out of sight, out of mind. One and done. Bite to taste.

You got this!

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