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Uncertainty Returns

Today in Israel like in the United States cases are up Of COVID and things are closing.

I found myself less anxious this time, after losing my 💩 last time.

The difference was last time I thought I had to control all the variables. I had to rescue myself, my clients, my kids , my husband and the world

I‘ve spent the last three months working on my faith. I Know I can only control my thoughts and feelings about the circumstances My family and I are in God’s hands.

I’m choosing to believe in myself And that I’m being provided for. That I have what I need to weather this storm. I choose to believe in you . You are reading this post because you can do this as well. Together we can nurture each other so much that we over flow with positive energy on to those around us in our lives.

It is possible to cultivate an awareness of how we eat and move that fuels the thoughts and feelings we have about the things beyond our control.

Just like when we focus on the things beyond our control, our health begins to suffer.

Kids and COVID-19

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