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Waiting for the other shoe to drop?

The other shoe drops with a crash, all your hopes and excitement turn to imposter syndrome and disappointment... we’ve all been there.

It can be after a fantastic week at work. All of sudden you feel like your winning steak is over, and imposter syndrome hits. How did I think that I could do this job? Been there.

It can be when a difficult child dynamic suddenly seems to be resolved, you’re more patient and they are more loving. You are winning at this parenting thing. Until that next blow up and you are sure that you really are failing this kid and things will never really be better.

In weight loss or our health journey we have these periods too. No matter if it is the scale or feeling no sugar cravings for awhile, we feel like we are doing it well, until it stops working and all of sudden our previous accomplishments are just a fluke.

The one thing that I have learned from my gratitude practice and from the work of mindfulness is that it is powerful to accept that all emotions pass. The good feelings, the being in the zone in every area of life are temporary. So are the bad feelings. The thing is, you don’t wait and count down the seconds till the blessings stop. You drink every drop of joy you can. Then as it seems to recede you call out in excitement in anticipation, YES!! Again!!!

Visualization is a amazing tool. When you feel like you’ve come out of a good flow. Don’t get stuck believing that this downswing is permanent, it is not. Visualize a line to your next ride at an amusement park. The line is always the same. The only thing that effects how long we wait through those twisting gates is the amount of people before us. No one is standing between you and your next happy flow except your own negativity.

So RUN through the line. Let go of the belief that the temporary feelings of fear and doubt are more real than the moments of Clarity and Joy.

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