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Where is your head at?

Namaste boys and girls. Or Is it more yippee Kai yay Mother F.... what a classic holiday movie. Die Hard.

Are you feeling die hard or Feeling peaceful this Chanukah? Like your having an amazing holiday or like your house is burning from un met expectations and dissatisfaction.

Chanukah comes at the darkest time of year. We see the light clearly in contrast to all that dark. We each face a year of our choices and judge them as good or bad in that stark contrast. We look at ourselves and think damn. Is this it? Or YES! I survived and thrived.

We have both inside us. Dark and light. The desire to dance with gratitude and the desire to burn down the life we have and start again.

I used to feel a constant resistance to dark feelings and thoughts. I was scared of them. But, when I saw that they were just bruised or damaged parts of me, it changed. I could hold them closer like a crying baby. Soothe them and let them know, hey I see you. It’s ok. I’m grateful for the struggles and bruises I got along the way. The rest of me would not be here without you.

Today, take that hurt part of you. Don’t run away from it. Appreciate it. It is the calluses you earned climbing through life. It just needs some tending too. Some TLC.

Gratitude practice

Name your bruises and untended aches. Then give yourself a gift today and get creative with how you can heal one or accept it in one concrete way. Like forgiving someone who hurt you. Forgiving yourself for hurting someone.

You will feel so safe with yourself after this. Don’t skip this one!

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