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Winter gain??? It happened to me.

Oh man! The scale is up 6lbs. That looks like low grade anxiety. What should I be eating, too much food thinking! How did I lose the thread of my consistency for a week? Self judgment. How can I gain weight this fast, what’s wrong with me? Negative thoughts.

Here is where, what you think is the biggest hurdle, is actually is revealed as the best healer.

I look back at my tracker. My tracker from last year this week, my tracker from two years ago this week. Guess what every year before Purim my scale is up. Two years ago is was up 10 lbs, last year 8, and though it was 6 in one week this year, it’s honestly closer to 10 from where I usually am.

What’s that tell me? That the end of winter is hard for me. It’s hard environmentally, it’s hard hormonally, it’s a hard time emotionally often. But it also shows me that every year around Purim I wake up! I pull it together and by Passover I’m feeling myself and after Passover I’m ready for Spring and Summer.

If your scale is up significantly like mine after the winter, don’t wait till after the holidays! With your tracker you can truly own your choices, see your patterns and exit the food anxiety, the self judgment and the negative thinking. You know what to eat. You know it will come off. You remind yourself how much better it feels when you eat well and not overeat. You remember that being with positive people thinking positive thoughts is half the fun.

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So watch me. Join me. Celebrate the holidays. We can feel better right away! With a plan and support anything is possible.

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