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Can’t stop eating once you start?

I am totally guilty of this...

Are you?

It’s eating more after my body is full,

Because that healthy food tastes soo darn good.

You see it started with Unhealthy food. I thought It was the fault of the major food manufacturers that made things like Oreos and Captain crunch cereal who were at fault.

Yes, those things are extra triggering but...

I’m the problem. I can overeat on any food. Dates or nuts. No problem. I can do it but still gaining weight, So I swapped for cauliflower and eggplant, same deal. Now instead of weight gain it’s bloating and IBS.

So what’s the magic answer. Sorry. I don’t have one. But I do have a journey. Mindful eating. I do have tips, tricks and strategies that help myself and my kids stay mindful more of the time. I still choose the veggies most life over the processed one most often.

But overeating on deliciousness... the struggle is real!!!

What’s your can’t stop once you pop??

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