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Prayer 40 days of gratitude challenge

40 days of gratitude challenge

Day 3

Today let’s get spiritual. Gratitude and appreciation are part of a daily communication with the universe.

I have found that the key to cultivating a spiritual gratitude practice is simple commitments. For me, once I start down the road to daily prayer my perfectionist side kicks in. I have to do everything perfectly and every day or it is not good enough. I feel more comfortable relying on that I am too busy than to feel constant guilt that I don’t measure up.

This is a common stumbling block to gratitude. As we notice all the blessings in our lives, we wonder. “Why aren’t I happier?” The voice of limiting beliefs responds with you’re never appreciative enough so just stop, it won’t matter anyway.

The truth is we cultivate happiness with gratitude. We grow gratitude with mindfulness. Step one notice your blessing. Step two create wonder and joy by focusing on the details of our blessings. Step three connect those blessings to Gd the infinite source of all and remind yourself that unlimited blessings are available to us.

To help stay consistent with your spiritual gratitude. I suggest today choosing one prayer to concentrate on once a day for 40 days.

שמע ישראל, אשר יצר, נשמת כל חי. Are all great options.

What I do is I add in I release this judgement without judgement any time I get on my own case about not doing enough, praying enough, being holy enough, comparing myself to others. That is all a distraction from staying consistent in my openness to being guided by Gd in my life everyday.

Choose one short prayer. We included a nishmat tracker sheet in the day 1 blog post about the challenge. Remember to read a transliteration if you struggle with the original text. Knowing what you are saying is important.

I love to hear from you, so share with me your spiritual gratitude practices and if you use this tip. Tag me in your accountability photos I love to celebrate you.

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