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40 days of gratitude challenge

Today we begin 40 days of gratitude.

40 days of daily movement. 40 days of changing our experience of daily life.

Day 1

Today I actually followed a practice called rage on a page. All the negative thoughts, frustrations, lack of clarity goes down free writing style on the page.

Then you get really clear on what you don’t want. Why you do want daily gratitude and how you feel when you are not feeling good.

This always helps me to focus on the one good choice I can make. It’s hard to leave space for our dark side. But we all have an ungrateful side. A jealous side. A lazy side. A frustrated side. An unmotivated side.

When you give it a voice it will not overwhelm you. It will actually pass. It is the fear of those thoughts and feelings that truly traps us. When you finish, you are left with what you want. A clearer path to appreciation and fulfillment.

I end the rage on a page exercise with three gratitude acknowledgments and how I’m going to appreciate them today.

to get a full list of tools and tips to start your own practice reach out to me

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