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Why can't I do the things that are good for me?

How often do you ask yourself that? How often are you judging, assessing, and coming up dissatisfied with your own choices?

The questions we ask ourselves determine the quality of the answers we receive. Our brain is a phenomenal SUPERCOMPUTER. It will solve whatever problem we input? So if we ask Why can’t I... we will get an answer. You can’t because...

How to Ask better questions...

  1. Start with the answer in mind. What problem do you want to be solved? Eat more vegetables, ok. “What tasty ideas are there for veggies? Who should I go to learn how to cook them better? What shopping and prep will I need to make this easy?”

  2. I’m ok. What sure the question isn’t working off the premise that you are broken, weak, or not enough. Avoid using terms like, “Why can’t I? Why do I always? Is it possible to? “ swap those phrases out of your mental vocabulary. Try instead “ I am going to go outside when I feel like eating and I’m not hungry, how will I remind myself at the moment? Will I!!! “I am going to drink more water, how will I flavor it to also satisfy my sweet cravings?”

  3. Lasting change. To really upgrade your questions think about words that bring out a solution for lasting change, not temporary bandaids. "How can I sustain this solution? How can I enjoy this strategy more? How can I increase its convenience? How can I incorporate it into my daily lifestyle?

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